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About us

NášStát is a platform joining more than thirty online tools which help citizens to follow the work of politicians and officials, improve their neighbourhoods and take an active part in public affairs.

How much of your tax money is used for education or to reduce the state debt?

What is your municipality’s budget?

How many casinos in your neighborhood are illegal?

All of these questions are answered at NášStát. And if you discover something you don’t like, you may contact your townhall or your MP in order to fix it.

NášStát is administered by the Otakar Motejl Fund  which was established by Open Society Fund Prague  in 2012. Otakar Motejl Fund contributes to transforming the public administration into effective and transparent service for the citizens. It also supports citizens who want to improve the environment in which they live.

Some of the applications that can be found at NášStát utilize open data. Otakar Motejl Fund is a long-term advocate of publishing government data in open and structured formats which enable their further use and creation of useful services. Open data foster public administration transparency, economic growth through improved efficiency and savings, and last but not least, bring new business opportunities and jobs.

Partner of the project: The Embassy of United States of America in Prague

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