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Leading Central European watchdogs will share their experience with data-driven projects

21. 1. 2014 | Aktuální dění

Otakar Motejl Fund cordially invites you to a practical, interactive workshop focused on data-driven watchdog projects and political research. Topics include: availability of the data, basic techniques of analysis, presentation of the outcomes to the public or managing a successful data-driven project. The event be held on 27 Feb  (9 - 17) at Creative Gate (Jindřišská 5, Praha 1).

Importnant info: Eliza Kruczkowska had to cancel her presentation. As a last minute addition to the line-up, Jiří Fiala will present Fondy EU, a transparent, open database of EU Funds beneficiaries.


The workshop will consist of in-depth presentations of 3 data-driven projects:

Visualising Czech parliamentary data

Kamil Gregor, data analyst, and Masaryk University in Brno

Gathering, analyzing and visualizing information produced by national and regional parliamentary bodies and gaining substantive knowledge about how the political process actually works. This includes e.g. analyses of voting patterns using multidimensional scaling, legislative process using Sankey diagrams and network analysis, and various quantitative indicators of legislators’ activity. The presentation will cover data availability, formats, visualization and analytical tools and methods and interpretation of their results.


The role of public information resources in identifying and preventing fraud and misuse of grants from the EU Structural Funds

Jiří Fiala, analyst, Naši Politici and Transparency International

Fondy EU is a transparent database of the recipients of EU Structural Funds, built on data from various public sources (bussiness register, public procurement, database of politicians). The web application allows easy searching and linking of detailed information relating to the individual recipients of grants from the EU, with the associated procurement, visualized economic and personal relationships and connections with persons involved in the political sphere.


Database on corruption and networks in public spending

Sandor Lederer, founder and director,

K-Monitor is monitoring the online press on a continuous basis to build a library of corruption cases, and to link together people, institutions, keywords and locations involved in a specific case. Besides being an archive of corruption in Hungary, the database serves as a resource for analyzing corruption trends, and tracking down the network of politicians and business people. The latter became the basis for K-Monitor's next data intensive project, called aHaló (the Network).



Following public datasets to enhance democracy in Poland

Eliza Kruczkowska, director of communication, Fundacja ePanstwo

Fundacja ePaństwo (ePF) is one of the most important organizations acting upon open and transparent authorities as well as civil engagement. is a portal, published by ePF, which in short form can be described as connecting public data with tools. We analyse public, accessible parliamentary data and draw conclusions. Sejmometr, in the scope in which it refers to parliamentary data, enables monitoring each MP, following the legislative process and familiarizing with indicators which are not presented on the Seym website (e.g. mutinies, situations in which Members of Parliament vote contrary to the majority of the party).

Every presentation will be followed by an informal discussion aimed at sharing best practises, do's & dont's and specific questions.

Anyone can join, after registering via a brief online form.

The worskhop will be followed by a meetup of Czech open data community, whose members will discuss the question "Can data be an efficient tool of public control?", while having drinks. 

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